The Ultimate Paddle

Although you don’t see them, all three of these paddles have sails in them.  These are the ultimate paddles.  Not only do they have sails inside them, they have the new Yawfin on the blade.

The DaSail™ Yawfin Paddle by Sailpaddle
The DaSail™ Yawfin Paddle by Sailpaddle

The Yawfin makes paddling for the average person more enjoyable by taking out the yaw, which means, the fatigue caused by having to try to control the blade with each stroke is gone.  The Yawfin allowed the three of us to paddle much farther than we had anticipated, because with the Yawfin, the paddle glides through the water like a warm knife through butter.  The resistance is almost nonexistent.  The paddle tracks better.  And as Erik, one of our Beta Testers puts it, “…it felt to me a build of “energy” through the power phase [of the stroke].”


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