Out Paddling Again

Well today the kids wanted to go paddling.  So I went.  I had a blast.  I tell you, I would never want to paddle without a Yawfin™.  The Yawfin™ makes paddling so much more enjoyable for me.  Every stroke pushes the board forward without much effort on my part.  The Yawfin™ honestly cuts down on the fatigue of paddling which allows us to go farther and be appreciative of being out on the water with our favorite people.

I did not take any pictures, but I will set the scene for you… a cool southern California evening in May with black ominous clouds to the east and blue skies with puffy white clouds to the west.  The winds were calm, the water peaceful.  The kids and I paddled upwind for a bit then sailed on back in the tranquil breeze.  It amazes me that every time I pull out the sail I feel like I rediscover how much fun it is. I may be biased, but I really think everyone should have a sail in their paddle, just to feel the freedom and joy that SUP sailing is.