DaSail™ Econo SUP Paddle

The NEW DaSail™ Econo SUP Paddle is an awesome paddle with a 7.25″ durable plastic blade.  This paddle features the exact same DaSail™ sail and rigging and carbon fiber shaft as the DaSail™ Fit SUP Paddle.  This is an adjustable paddle, making it a great fit for family and friends.  Reward yourself Downwind and be one of the first to purchase a DaSail™ Econo SUP Paddle for the incredible price of $199.00.

The DaSail™ SUP Paddle blows away the competition because everything you need to catch the wind is stowed inside the shaft of the paddle itself.  Deploy or stow the sail in seconds.  If there is no wind or you don’t want to paddle, then leave the sail stowed, but if the wind is right and you want to have some fun then pull out the sail and catch the wind.

SUP Gear Review

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We want to thank the team from StandUp Paddleboarding Guide.com for reviewing our DaSail™ Fit SUP Paddle.

Here’s a preview of what they are saying…

  • DaSail Fit paddle is very well made with thoughtful design.
  • Impressively crafted.
  • The sail mechanics – cleverly designed with ease in mind. The mechanism to reveal and hide the sail operates seamlessly.
  • The clamp lock for adjusting the length of the paddle works smoothly and quickly.
  • The sail portion with its own handle to pull in and out is precision fit within the paddle handle itself.


The Evolution of a SUP Surfboard in 12 Steps

shaping SUP Surfboard
Step One: Measure and Cut
Sand and Shape SUP Surfboard
Step Two: Sand and Shape
Step Three:  Glass the bottom
Glassing SUP Surfboard
Step Four: Glass the top and add a handhold
Center Fin Box
Step Five:  Add the Center Fin Box (Thank you Larry Allison). Use the tools you have.
Glass Center Fin Box
Step Six: Glass in the Center Fin Box
Quad Fins SUP Board
Step Seven:  Quad Fins set by Larry Allison
Glass in Quad Fins
Step Eight:  Getting Ready to Glass in Quad Fins
Glass Quad Fins
Step Nine:  Glass in Quad Fins
Look Fast SUP
Step Ten: Look Fast with Racing Stripes
Surf SUP
Step Eleven:  Off to the Surf
SUP Clean Up
Step Twelve:  Clean Up after a sweet surfing session



Please note there are many steps to creating your own SUP Surfboard and this is not a complete guide.  This Team Sailpaddle Shaper has had some time training with the necessary tools of shaping.  Please do not attempt without the proper training, guidance and tools.