Time Keeps on Slippin’…

I hate to say it, but it looks like time keeps on slippin’ into the future.  So Time Keeps on slippin'here comes Christmas, Kwanza or any of the of the holidays out there.  What are you going to get that special someone, who has everything?  Another tie?  More jewelry?  Home-made items and flowers are always nice…

Capture the wind!
Capture the wind!

But what about their very own SUP Paddle?  One that catches the wind and makes for an exhilarating ride downwind or one that cuts through the water like butter allowing them to have a more efficient excursion on their SUP journey?

Also, take a look at the DaSail™ Kit.  It allows for you to take an old paddle and transform it into a wonderful new experience.  Reward Yourself Downwind.



Out Paddling Again

Well today the kids wanted to go paddling.  So I went.  I had a blast.  I tell you, I would never want to paddle without a Yawfin™.  The Yawfin™ makes paddling so much more enjoyable for me.  Every stroke pushes the board forward without much effort on my part.  The Yawfin™ honestly cuts down on the fatigue of paddling which allows us to go farther and be appreciative of being out on the water with our favorite people.

I did not take any pictures, but I will set the scene for you… a cool southern California evening in May with black ominous clouds to the east and blue skies with puffy white clouds to the west.  The winds were calm, the water peaceful.  The kids and I paddled upwind for a bit then sailed on back in the tranquil breeze.  It amazes me that every time I pull out the sail I feel like I rediscover how much fun it is. I may be biased, but I really think everyone should have a sail in their paddle, just to feel the freedom and joy that SUP sailing is.

Falling No More (hopefully)

Hi there,

Sorry, I haven’t posted for some time.  I fell for a very-not-so-ingenious scam, though, I suppose, tiredness and too much going on contributed to my lack of discernment.  It was quite the bummer.  A “You have a virus, call this number.” notice popped up on the screen and so I did.   Two, it might be three (they all blend together), weeks later and so many, many password changes and more later we are back online.  It’s just so tough to be constantly vigilant.  At one point in the conversation with the perps, I did have a moment of clarity and I said, “You wouldn’t be doing anything illegal, like trying giving me a virus or anything?”  The man with an accent, laughed with an evil little laugh and said, “No, but if you ever have a problem with your computer don’t call anyone else, only us.”  They had posed as Apple repair people.  Oh, next time I hope to be a little more on the ball.


On another note, we just got finished with the U.S. Open Stand Up Paddling World Tour and World Series.  It was so much fun.  We were both vendors and parents of one of the Na Kama Kai youth competitors.  As soon as I download everyone’s pictures I will post about this and our time at the Beyond the Shore Paddlefest 2015.  Equally as exciting!  Just to jazz up this post I will add a pre-post picture or two.

The girls sporting their new Sailpaddle Tank Tops!
The girls sporting their new Sailpaddle Tank Tops!
Getting ready!
Getting ready!
Just couldn't resist the cuteness of this picture!
Just couldn’t resist the cuteness of this picture!

The Evolution of a SUP Surfboard in 12 Steps

shaping SUP Surfboard
Step One: Measure and Cut
Sand and Shape SUP Surfboard
Step Two: Sand and Shape
Step Three:  Glass the bottom
Glassing SUP Surfboard
Step Four: Glass the top and add a handhold
Center Fin Box
Step Five:  Add the Center Fin Box (Thank you Larry Allison). Use the tools you have.
Glass Center Fin Box
Step Six: Glass in the Center Fin Box
Quad Fins SUP Board
Step Seven:  Quad Fins set by Larry Allison
Glass in Quad Fins
Step Eight:  Getting Ready to Glass in Quad Fins
Glass Quad Fins
Step Nine:  Glass in Quad Fins
Look Fast SUP
Step Ten: Look Fast with Racing Stripes
Surf SUP
Step Eleven:  Off to the Surf
SUP Clean Up
Step Twelve:  Clean Up after a sweet surfing session



Please note there are many steps to creating your own SUP Surfboard and this is not a complete guide.  This Team Sailpaddle Shaper has had some time training with the necessary tools of shaping.  Please do not attempt without the proper training, guidance and tools.

More Tuesday Night Demo Fun

Paddle Out.  Sail Home.  That’s the motto and we’re sticking to it.  Thanks again to our hosts at the Paddle House!  You guys are awesome!

The gPaddle Outreatest thing about the DaSail™ SUP paddle is that you can have fun SUPing in the wind.   The more wind the better!  Tuesday was a particularly overcast and windy evening which made for a wonderfully accelerating time on the water.  We had a couple of people watching us paddle into the wind and ask, “Aren’t you tired?”  Our answer was, “Not really.”  Because although paddling into the wind can be a bit rough, sailing home is a breeze and it makes it all the more adventurous.

I hate to lure you all in with food, but since it’s our dinner time wSail Homee do bring things to share with our fellow paddlers.  This Tuesday it was BBQ pork sandwiches.  Quite yummy if I do say so myself.

See you next time!                              Tuesday, June 9th! 5-7pm

Another fun thing to do on the Redondo Beach Pier is the Friday Night Movie Nights.  First one is Friday, June 5th from 8-10pm.  The movie is Big Hero 6.

Sea Fair Memories

We had a great time at the Sea Fair.  Met a lot of really wonderful people.  If you were there and stopped by the booth we Thank YOU!  If not, we Thank YOU for stopping by the website and reading this.

Contact us and let us know what you think.

Enjoyed some great activities   Sea Fair Face/Arm Painting                                                  and food! Sea Fair Food Trucks

Even won the sand sculpting contest!              Sea Fair Sand Sculpture

Come out and enjoy a free demo this                                                                 Tuesday, May 26th at the Paddle House!  From 5-7pm

Sea Fair Redondo Beach

Hello everyone,

We are excited to be participating in the Redondo Beach Sea Fair this year.  You can see ouIMG_3378r booth by the King Harbor Yacht Club.  Come by and ask about our “Sea Fair deal.”  It will be a great time for you to demo a paddle.  When the wind is up is the best time to SUP with our DaSail™ SUP Paddle.

See you tomorrow!  There will be lots to do.  Sand Sculpting, face painting, food trucks and more.

Paddle House Tuesday Demo

Last night we enjoyed a nice breeze and great hospitality at the PaddIMG_5385le House on the Redondo Beach Pier.  A big thank you to  Patrick and Julienne for hosting such a fun event.  We invite you all down to demo a DaSail™ SUP paddle at the Paddle House.  We will be meeting up there every other Tuesday from 5-7pm. Our next scheduled Tuesday is May 26th. IMG_5387 Come on down and enjoy an evening with us. We’d love to introduce you to how our DaSail™ SUP paddle brings a whole new dimension to Stand Up Paddle Boarding.  Looking forward to our next  demo.