Time Keeps on Slippin’…

I hate to say it, but it looks like time keeps on slippin’ into the future.  So Time Keeps on slippin'here comes Christmas, Kwanza or any of the of the holidays out there.  What are you going to get that special someone, who has everything?  Another tie?  More jewelry?  Home-made items and flowers are always nice…

Capture the wind!
Capture the wind!

But what about their very own SUP Paddle?  One that catches the wind and makes for an exhilarating ride downwind or one that cuts through the water like butter allowing them to have a more efficient excursion on their SUP journey?

Also, take a look at the DaSail™ Kit.  It allows for you to take an old paddle and transform it into a wonderful new experience.  Reward Yourself Downwind.



DaSail™ Econo SUP Paddle

The NEW DaSail™ Econo SUP Paddle is an awesome paddle with a 7.25″ durable plastic blade.  This paddle features the exact same DaSail™ sail and rigging and carbon fiber shaft as the DaSail™ Fit SUP Paddle.  This is an adjustable paddle, making it a great fit for family and friends.  Reward yourself Downwind and be one of the first to purchase a DaSail™ Econo SUP Paddle for the incredible price of $199.00.

The DaSail™ SUP Paddle blows away the competition because everything you need to catch the wind is stowed inside the shaft of the paddle itself.  Deploy or stow the sail in seconds.  If there is no wind or you don’t want to paddle, then leave the sail stowed, but if the wind is right and you want to have some fun then pull out the sail and catch the wind.

Yawfin™ Review

Took the Yawfin out for its first spin last week and was impressed by what I felt. I knew it would probably work good but I didn’t realize how awesome it was. Once I figured out my hand placement and got a shoYawfin™ SUP Paddlerter grip it really shined. It seemed to clean up my stroke and helped with my release. At first it would hang up on my release. But proper hand placement is the key. If I held it in the sweet spot my stroke was crisp and dead on steady. The more time with it made the paddle feel like it was gripping the water held true to the stroke and had a clean release. Can’t wait to get more time with it on the water. I am certain it will make me a better paddler and keep me tracking straighter.

-Aaron from Texas

Out Paddling Again

Well today the kids wanted to go paddling.  So I went.  I had a blast.  I tell you, I would never want to paddle without a Yawfin™.  The Yawfin™ makes paddling so much more enjoyable for me.  Every stroke pushes the board forward without much effort on my part.  The Yawfin™ honestly cuts down on the fatigue of paddling which allows us to go farther and be appreciative of being out on the water with our favorite people.

I did not take any pictures, but I will set the scene for you… a cool southern California evening in May with black ominous clouds to the east and blue skies with puffy white clouds to the west.  The winds were calm, the water peaceful.  The kids and I paddled upwind for a bit then sailed on back in the tranquil breeze.  It amazes me that every time I pull out the sail I feel like I rediscover how much fun it is. I may be biased, but I really think everyone should have a sail in their paddle, just to feel the freedom and joy that SUP sailing is.

The Ultimate Paddle

Although you don’t see them, all three of these paddles have sails in them.  These are the ultimate paddles.  Not only do they have sails inside them, they have the new Yawfin on the blade.

The DaSail™ Yawfin Paddle by Sailpaddle
The DaSail™ Yawfin Paddle by Sailpaddle

The Yawfin makes paddling for the average person more enjoyable by taking out the yaw, which means, the fatigue caused by having to try to control the blade with each stroke is gone.  The Yawfin allowed the three of us to paddle much farther than we had anticipated, because with the Yawfin, the paddle glides through the water like a warm knife through butter.  The resistance is almost nonexistent.  The paddle tracks better.  And as Erik, one of our Beta Testers puts it, “…it felt to me a build of “energy” through the power phase [of the stroke].”